Restaurants, hotels, bars, spas and casinos are risky businesses and as such need careful management. One poor review or customer outcome can adversely affect not only your bottom line, but most importantly your reputation.

We don’t come in and ‘do a Gordon’ on your business. We  look at the performance of your finances, marketing, processes, staff training etc. Ours is a holistic approach to hospitality management and every aspect needs covering to give a picture of where improvements would work best.

Sometimes it can be letting a shy chef shout out to his market by public relations, social media, copywriting and managing the brand. For others it may be trying to focus on what they are good at. Less is more and all that.

Sadly, in a few cases it’s showing a business that they have someone with their hands in the till.

Much of this work is covered in the book 101 Restaurant Secrets, available in paperback, Kindle, Nook or ebook.

Lastly, there is the gaming industry. Nowadays more than cards, wheels and dice. Hospitality is now the King. New audiences still need new games. At present we have 6 card games, 2 dice games and a side bet being evaluated for commercial sale.