Let me introduce you to Dave – Part 1

Dave Who ?

A dozen Daves?

Yes, I know 12 Daves. Unless you know something more about each Dave, they are all just …  Dave.

The Dave above is Dave the evil genius from Penguins of Madagascar. So we could call him Evil Dave and we would know who we meant?

The other Daves:

Big Dave – Ironic
Little Dave – Ironic
Tall Dave – He is tall
Dav-id (He doesn’t like being called Dave)
American Dave
South African Dave
Welsh Dave
Club Dave
Blind Dave
Deaf Dave – Also known as Lovejoy
And of course my Uncle Dave

What we have done there is a very basic exercise in differentiation. Each Dave has something else. Each one now has a role and you can focus on what makes each different.

Of course we haven’t gone anything further than a name just here. To truly make a difference, you need to own that difference. A name, or a strapline, doesn’t do that.

More next time …

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