Copywriting and web content


Why on earth would you want someone else writing about your business?

They don’t know your business. They don’t get impacted when a mistake is made? How can they understand what you sell?

3 simple answers:

1 They see things that you don’t see
2 They have seen what works for others
3 They can advise on what would work for YOU

No aspect of marketing can work without getting to know something about the client. It’s not just about what you sell or what you do. It is also about what you CAN do and your style of communication. If you are hard sales orientated then there is a good chance that social media is not for you, as an example.

When I work with any client in any area of marketing the rules are very simple:

We don’t work for your competition
We look to measure everything we do
You may hear some things you don’t like
If your brief cannot be done honestly, it won’t be done
A plan is drawn up so that you can see how and when actions are needed

Clients can save money by ditching channels that can’t be measured and others that harm. What matters is that you have a set of tools that you understand, can measure and can see benefits from. Getting back to simplicity is a great thing to do. Understanding what your customers see is another.

Much of what I do isn’t confined to 4 walls of an office. As long as I have an internet connection and a laptop, much can be done from anywhere, at any time.