101 Restaurant Secrets


101 Restaurant Secrets

“90% of new restaurants fail within their first year because someone out
there said, “You know, I like to cook. And people enjoy my food. Maybe I
should start a restaurant!” “

Scott Ginsberg


This was my first book and many lessons were learned. No agent, no publisher, no clue. Sound familiar? Sadly, a similar story is often told by beginners to the restaurant industry.

If any of this sounds familiar then I may have just caught you in time. 101 Restaurant Secrets is about the business of the restaurant business.

It follows on from my own experience as a restaurant employee, a restaurant owner and a consultant.

Many lessons here were learned the hard way, some from other people, some from my own mistakes and successes. You try to repeat the successes and not the mistakes.

The key mistake is coming into the restaurant business for the wrong reasons. I make sure that this is clear in the introduction so you have a chance to put the book back on the shelf. And these are the reasons you should not be in the restaurant business:

1 Does your skill in cooking come from creating great dinner parties?

2 Did you work in a bar or restaurant when you were a student?

3 Do you want a place that you can hang out in with your friends?

4 Have you watched a lot of TV shows on restaurants problems and service improvement?

5 Do you find it hard not to please people?

6 Do you believe a restaurant is like any other business?

If you get past page one, then you are taken through the key areas of the business of the restaurant business.

  • Costing
  • Stock
  • Menus
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Financial management
  • Systems
  • Revenue protection
  • Service basics
  • Basic business models

As well as the content of the book and a very helpful author there are a number of downloads on the accompanying website.

If you are looking to get into the restaurant business, buy the book at Amazon (Paperback or Kindle)