Nothing changes by itself


“Where do you want to be? Treading water or making waves”
Me :)


Change is not always easy. It can happen by itself but that’s good luck or bad luck. You are several more times likely to be shot dead by a stranger than win the lottery. Not a cheery thought but very true.

Days are full of hope that tomorrow will turn out just fine … wrong.

Change is all about deciding that you need to be somewhere else and then getting there.

This book is about making change in your life. From working out where you are, where you want to be and making the journey. Dreams can become reality, with a few steps in between.

There is a balancing act of useful practical advice and encouragement to get you further towards where you want to be. We all get stuck, we all fall down. Understanding about set backs and habits can open your eyes to why you do things.

More importantly, you will learn about the pitfalls, how to see them coming and what to do before you trip up.

Coming out Autumn/Fall 2017