Extreme medics


Medicine does not always happen in hospitals. Sometimes the comfort of the street or a patients home is a happy dream. There are environments in which the medics work can be truly extreme. The trailer for this work in progress features Gary, a rig medic. Gary lives and works on an offshore oil rig for six months of each year. He is responsible for the day to day care of every worker and visitor on his watch. Care ranges from day to day ailments through to full blown emergencies. Luckily for Gary, most of his work is minor care.

For other medics, the work can be more extreme. If you work in polar exploration, down deep mines, researching tropical diseases or as a civilian in a war zone then there is a good chance there is a medic close to you. Many of these medics come from a special forces background as they are the only ones who stand any chance of long term survival in these austere environments.

Often there are no clean beds or operating theatres or even the near arrival of transport. Sometimes it’s just the patient and the medic, both caught in extreme circumstances. There are few medical options left apart from the extreme medic.