Do you want a free game for your casino …

Here’s one I wrote a few years ago, but never went anywhere. If you want to use it, feel free but credit us if you can.

Basically a card game of high or low. Take a regular deck of cards with 1 to 3 jokers in the pack. The players put a bet on their card(s) being higher or lower than 7 or a side bet on 7. All 7s are a push with the bets riding for the next round.

High or low bets pay even, this could be extended to black or red bets. For the 7 side bet 12:1.

House edge depends on the number of jokers in the deck

1 = 1.92%
2 = 3.85%
3 = 5.77%

If you want a quick, easy to learn game with no fancy equipment, this could be the thing. All you really need is one deck of cards and a simple table design to get going.

Plays like roulette but without the expense of setup.

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